The Truth About You (And the Rest of Us Too)

How many times have you told yourself you get back on track on Monday? If you find yourself falling into this TRAP you need to watch this video!!

I know I talked about it in the video but I just really want to drive home the story about the $20 bill.

If I were to hold up a super crisp $20 bill and ask a crowd of people who wants this everyone would raise their hand. Now if I took that same $20 bill, crumbled it up, threw it in a pile of mud, and then held it up and asked who wants this everyone would STILL raise their hand!

WHY? Because at the end of the day the value is still there regardless of what it looks like on the outside. Which I think is so important for us to remember. When we fall off track of when we aren't feeling so great about ourselves or how we look it's easy to start telling ourselves maybe this is just what I am going to look like. I have tried everything out there and it just isn't working. Maybe this is just the new me.

But what you look like on the outside right now DOES NOT define who you are! You can literally achieve any goal you set your mind to. Is it going to happen over night? No! But you can get there!

My number one tip is for you to surround yourself my a community of like minded women <3

We call all of the women that train at our Sandy Springs Gym and Alpharetta Gym our Fit Chicks. If you are looking for a community of like minded women and need someone to help hold you accountable for your goals join us for our Fit Tone Project. Our program includes personal training, custom meal plans, and accountability.

I am here for you! We are all super women and have incredible strengths and powers within. So go get out there today and break some boundaries.

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